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This list includes discontinued products


  • Pressure CleanersPressure Washer Cleaners | Water Blasters | Professional Commercial & Industrial

    For washing of water resistant items such as Vehicles and Machinery, and Outdoor areas, paths and roofs. Ideal for the Food Industry washing of food preparation areas and equipment. Pressure Cleaners are also known as Pressure Washers or Water Blasters.

  • Vacuum CleanersVacuum Cleaners | Professional Commercial & Industrial

    For vacumming of Dust, Litter and Liquids, Cleanmaster has a large range of Vacuum Cleaners suited to every industry, including Safety and Explosion Proof ATEX vacuums, petrol powered outdoor litter and leaf vacuums, and Pump out vacuums for large volumes of water.

  • SweepersSweepers Professional Commercial & Industrial

    For sweeping of hard floors and low pile carpet, Sweepers use a rotating brush underneath to pick up litter and dust. Most powered sweepers have a built in vacuum and filter to prevent any airborne dust. Usually, a side brush is fitted to sweep dust away from the edges for the main brush to pick up. Some sweepers can be used on carpet.

  • Floor ScrubbersScrubbers Professional Commercial & Industrial

    For thorough cleaning of Hard Floors, Scrubbers use water and a rotating brush to remove all stains, grime and grease from concrete, vynil, painted or epoxy coated floors. Most are Scrubber Driers, meaning they vaccum the water up as well, leaving the surface much cleaner and drier than you will get with a mop.

  • Spray Extraction/Steam Cleaners

    For cleaning carpet, uphostery and small areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Spray Extraction cleaners spray a water and chemical onto the fabric, and use a vacuum to extract the liquid and dirt. Steam Cleaners have an internal boiler which heats water into steam. The Steam is then applied to the surface, removing the dirt.

  • Other Equipment

    For all other Cleaning Machines, such as Polishers and Burnishers for shining hard floors,Floor Strippers for removing floor coatings, and specialised Cleaning Machines.