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This list includes discontinued products

Vacuum Cleaners

For vacumming of Dust, Litter and Liquids, Cleanmaster has a large range of Vacuum Cleaners suited to every industry, including Safety and Explosion Proof ATEX vacuums, petrol powered outdoor litter and leaf vacuums, and Pump out vacuums for large volumes of water.
  • Dry Vacuums(for carpet and hard floors)

    Dry Vacuums for cleaning carpet, hard floors etc. Designed for Houses, Hotels, Schools, Offices etc. Quieter and lighter than Wet/Dry vacuums, but must not be used for liquids.

  • Wet&Dry Vacuum (Industrial use)

    Wet and Dry Vacuums are designed for industrial use, and have larger capacities and more powerful motors. All units can vacuum dry or damp debris, but some are better suited for larger quanties of liquid. Used by all industries and commercial users.

  • Safety Vacuums (for hazardous and explosive dusts)

    Safety Vacuums are for special applications- Some are ATEX Explosion proof units for vacuuming explosive dusts such as Flour, Aluminium, Wood dust, Gunpowder, Chemicals etc. Other units are designed for hazardous dusts such as lead and asbestos. Please discuss your application with us.

  • Outdoor Vacuums (for leaf and litter cleanup)

    Outdoor Vacuums are used for vacuuming and clean up of leaves and litter. Ideal for Councils, Parks, Golf Courses, Carparks, Acreages, Farms etc.