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This list includes discontinued products

Floor Scrubbers

For thorough cleaning of Hard Floors, Scrubbers use water and a rotating brush to remove all stains, grime and grease from concrete, vynil, painted or epoxy coated floors. Most are Scrubber Driers, meaning they vaccum the water up as well, leaving the surface much cleaner and drier than you will get with a mop.
  • Compact

    Compact Scrubbers can mostly clean in Forward and Backward directions, and so are ideal for cleaning small areas such as offices, kitchens, toilet cubicles, etc. where space is limited.

  • walkbehind

    Walk Behind Scrubbers are designed to clean only in a forward direction, so are used in larger areas. Many have a forward and reverse self propelled drive. They are used by Hospitals, Schools, Gymnasium and Basketball Courts, Shopping Centres, Mechanical Workshops, Etc.

  • ride on

    Ride On Scrubbers are best suited to large open areas, such as Warehouses, Carparks, Large Shopping Centres, Airports etc.

  • combination sweeper/scrubbers

    Combination Sweeper Scrubbers are designed to sweep up litter and scrub the floor clean at the same time. Ideal for Large areas that require scrubbing, but where there is litter present. For example, Warehouses and Factories, Airport Hangers, Public Areas such as footpaths and concourses. Can also be used just as a sweeper, or just as a scrubber.