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Spray Extraction/Steam Cleaners

For cleaning carpet, uphostery and small areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Spray Extraction cleaners spray a water and chemical onto the fabric, and use a vacuum to extract the liquid and dirt. Steam Cleaners have an internal boiler which heats water into steam. The Steam is then applied to the surface, removing the dirt.
  • spray extraction for carpet and upholstery

    Spray Extraction Cleaners are often confused with Steam Cleaners. They spray a water and cleaning chemical mixture into the fabric or carpet, and use a powerful vacuum to suck the water and dirt out of the material. Better suited for Carpets, Fabrics such as seat covers, Curtains, Lounges and Chairs, Car Seat Cleaning etc.

  • steam cleanersSteam Cleaners, Carpet Cleaning Machines, Upholstery Professional Commercial & Industrial

    Steam Cleaners have an elecrically heated boiler to turn water into steam. The steam is sprayed out of a nozzle under pressure, and will loosen dirt and stains from surfaces without the need for chemical. Best suited for cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom fittings, or stain removal from fabrics. Some Steam Cleaners also have a vacuum to suck up dirt and moisture.