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Other Equipment

For all other Cleaning Machines, such as Polishers and Burnishers for shining hard floors,Floor Strippers for removing floor coatings, and specialised Cleaning Machines.
  • brake cleaner machine

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  • polishers/burnishers for hard floors

    Polishers and Burnishers are for buffing hard floors to a high gloss shine. Commonly used on Terrazzo or Marble floors, or sealed floors such as vynil or linoleum.

  • Floor strippers- remove floor coatings

    Floor Strippers or Floor Stripping Machines are for removing a build up of old polish or sealer from a hard floor such as Terrazzo. This enables a new floor coating to be applied to the properly prepared surface.

  • Floor sanders

    Floor Sanders are for Sanding Timber Floors smooth prior to coating with a sealant and polishing the timber.